I thought I’d muse on having a web domain named after me. I guess it’s the first step in “branding” although truth be told, I’m not sure that the things that I am going to pursue are all going to fall under my name as a brand, but surely, it’s a good place to start as I figure out what to name my various upcoming projects. Surely, my creative writing will be a brand, so we will go with that.

This isn’t the first time that i have acquired the rights to jackmathers.com. Back in the early 2000’s (gee, that looks odd), I was probably the first to own this domain. I didn’t do much with it. I created a vanity music site that I had linked to my Broadjam.com account. I told friends and family about it and they could go and listen to some of the songs that I was producing at the time under the name SylverWyrm Productions.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t very organized and never managed to attract any attention. Adding that to having a career and raising a family, well I pretty much put music on the shelf.  Click on “listen in browser” below to hear a sample of what I was doing at the time (You will stay right on the page), or click Here to go to my music page to listen to a selection of more songs.

Interestingly, I was contacted by a lawyer representing another Jack Mathers out in Seattle who was intererested in buying the domain. I came back with an offer that was insanely high (but at the time, we had no clue as to how much or how little a domain was worth.) The other Jack turned me down, of course. It seemed to want it for his music site. Weird huh?  I think confirmed this is also the same Jack Mathers who owns and runs Jack’s Fish Spot, at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. I’ll have to go meet him if I ever travel there. Perhaps we should be pen pals.

Later, I let the domain rights lapse, and at some point I think Jack in Seattle owned the domain for a few years. A few years later when my father was still alive, I was considering another venture and when I checked, the domain was free, so I snatched it up again. When I told dad that I had the rights to it, he complained that he was the original Jack Mathers (His father went by John), so it should really be his domain. I offered to let him have it, but he looked at me and asked what in the hell he would do with it. I didn’t do anything with the name that time either. I’m not even sure if I created a website, or if I just let it expire.  Well, I have it again and it’s all mine. I have some plans this time, so keep on checking back! Sorry to the 70+ Other Jack Mathers on Facebook, I think I may keep it a while this time.

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