An Overdue Update (part 2) Design

Welcome to Part Two.  If you missed part 1, Music, you can find it here. In this post, I am going to tell you about SylverWyrm Designs and my first two T-shirt releases. First, I feel like I should address the dragon in the room. This name … SylverWyrm. What does it mean?

Let’s take the second part first – wyrm. It is a word for dragon, usually associated with the European variety. The term wyrm usually implies adult or mature dragon. I guess you could say that dragons are my spirit animal. The first bit is because I always liked silver better than gold as a metal. In D&D, the gold dragons were more powerful, but I always liked the silver ones better, and they could shoot lightning! Wow, letting my geek cred show, yo. But I’m not the only one, because using “silverwrym” as a user name was almost never an option on any web site, even back in the early days of the inter-web. Instead, I borrowed “Sylver” from my favorite D&D character, Sylverious. Sylverious is a high level Mage/Ranger who was raised by wood elves … so sorry. I may have to write a story about him some time.

Anyway, when I decided to use SylverWyrm as a brand, I realized that I needed a logo for both SylverWyrm Productions and SylverWyrm Designs. I had always toyed around with turning the S in SylverWyrm into a dragon. I think it came out looking better than I had hoped when I finally finished it. So good, I decided to make it into a t-shirt:

SW Tee

Available in 5 colors and many sizes

Click here to purchase this T-shirt from Amazon


This is the version that I am selling at the moment. I may change over to SW Designs or perhaps something else in the future, so get them while they last. Xmas is coming, and isn’t it always great to have to explain what the heck your cool but obscure t-shirt is all about? “I know this guy who is a music producer.” Yeah, I am actually calling myself that. Sheesh.

Speaking of obscure t-shirts …

Remember sitting on your grandma’s back step on a summer day so hot that your Chucks were in danger of sticking to the blacktop? The only relief – ice cold rivulets of watermelon juice running down your chin. Then, the inevitable seed spitting contest started … I miss the seeds. If this doesn’t ring a bell, go play Call of Duty or something. Otherwise, this shirt may give you a chuckle:


Melon Tee

Available in 5 colors and Men’s and women’s sizes


Click here to purchase this T-shirt from Amazon


Well, those are the first two designs, more to come. The shirts are 100% cotton and very soft. I can have ten designs on Amazon at once and I will probably off-load to another printing company if I have any more than that, or if anyone just HAS to have a SylverWyrm hat or a Watermelon coffee mug. I have other designs in the works. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Also, just to get the word out, I will (and hope to) do commission and freelance work. If you, or anyone you know needs any help with design, logo, layout, webpage design, or most graphic arts, music production, guitar, bass, vocals, voice overs, drum programming, sound design, beat production, mixing, mastering, most other music related stuff, copy writing, copy editing, or blogging – put them in touch with me. I’ll be breaking out a separate website in a few weeks.

I’d also be willing to come to your location to diagnose and solve your computer and network woes if you are local to the Philly area.

I haven’t done any creative writing lately, as I have been concentrating on other things. I do intend on getting back to it soon, and my next post will be all about writing – blog and creative – and how I need to try to integrate it into my routine now that I have SylverWyrm Productions and SylverWyrm Designs up and running.

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